For those of you who knew Jack, and understand his role in the story, we want to clearly state that the charismatic visionary who brought you

Judge Roy Beans didn’t end his dreams of bringing community together with only his eccentric watering hole.

He dreamed much bigger than that! Jack continued his efforts the rest of his days.

He worked tirelessly to incorporate the sacred ground of the former Judges site into daphne‘s comprehensive plan

and he did so in a way that recognized its importance as a central gathering place for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Where friends and family could meet and visit and simply share time together.

A gift to the future of the community he loved.

So as we searched for the mark or emblem to represent this next chapter, we knew we wanted to honor Jack.

To remember his spirit as a part of this place we were making. Multisided, complex, perhaps even a touch mythical.

So sitting on our porch in the late evening light we resolved that while there needed to be a Goat, but there also had to be a fish. In a flash it came to us,

and by no coincidence, remembering moments later that it was Jack’s birthday,

We think maybe we had a little help...

The Sea Goat

Of course…

Traveler between Realms, Connector of the Unexpected, Messenger to the Gods, the Mythical Creature known as a Sea Goat.

We thought it most fitting to unite Jack’s love of sharing experiences with his friends;

fishing or passing the time at The Bean with its much loved and feared mascot, Billy.

Unite them in the form of the mythic sea goat, a creature we thought might just make Jack smile.

We certainly hope so....

Thanks Jack